Institutional Profile

Established in 1881, the University of Texas is a state supported research university located in the capitol of Texas: Austin. UT’s grounds include 423.5 acres for the Main Campus in central Austin and the Pickle Research Campus in north Austin. The main campus has 150 buildings totaling over 18,000,000 square feet. The EV-STS research will be conducted on the Main Campus.
Total enrollment is 38,463 undergraduates and 12,682 graduate students. UT Austin's 19 colleges and schools include the Cockrell School of Engineering. In the 2009–2010 academic year, UT Austin awarded a total of 13,215 degrees: 67.7% bachelors, 22.0% master's degrees, 6.4% PhDs, and 3.9% Professional degrees.
UT Austin is the flagship state university in Texas.  The Cockrell School was ranked 10th among undergraduate engineering schools/colleges and 8th among graduate schools (2012 U.S. News and World Report).

Thrust Area Research Interests

Electrified Vehicle Powertrains

 •  Advanced batteries for electrified powertrains
 •  Advanced fuel cells for automotive applications

Conventional Powertrains

 •  Natural gas engines: emissions and efficiency
 •  Improving heavy-duty engine efficiency
 •  Overcoming obstacles to advanced medium/heavy-duty Diesel engines
 •  Investigating the causes for emissions and performance challenges for light-duty Diesels

Non-Powertrain Vehicle Systems Optimization

 •  Vehicle distinctions (passenger cars vs. light-duty trucks, and SUVs)

Transportation Systems and Infrastructure

 •  Impact of energy and greenhouse gas emissions on fleet and urban systems evolution
 •  Traffic crash analysis: count, severity, and frequency models

Relevant Facilities

Core EV-STS Research Mission

 •  General Motors Foundation Engines and Automotive Research Laboratories
 •  Texas Materials Institute
 •  The Kockelman Lab

Supporting Facilities

 •  Texas Advanced Computing Center
 •  Mechatronics Laboratory
 •  Center for Transportation Research
 •  Center for Electromechanics
 •  Network Modeling Center
 •  2 CNC and 3 Rapid Prototyping Labs