Institutional Profile

Founded in 1831, The University of Alabama, the State of Alabama’s oldest public research university, is a senior comprehensive doctoral-level institution. The 1,970-acre main campus in Tuscaloosa will serve as the location for the EV-STS site.

UA offers programs of study in 13 academic divisions leading to bachelor’s, master’s, Education Specialist, and doctoral degrees. Total enrollment is 36,155 including 5,401 graduate students (fall semester 2014). The university conferred 4,714 degrees in 2014-15, which includes 3,533 bachelor’s, 923 master’s, 138 juris doctor, and 120 doctoral degrees.

The mission of the University of Alabama is to advance the intellectual and social condition of the people of the State through quality programs of teaching, research, and service. The university had research expenditures in 2014 totaling $74 million, including $24 million in the College of Engineering. 

Thrust  Area Research Interests

Electrified Vehicle Powertrains (EP)

 •  Design of high-density converter using wide band-gap semiconductors and advanced magnetics
 •  Advanced rare-earth free permanent magnets
 •  Advanced soft magnets
 •  Design of rare-earth free permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM)
 •  High performance electric motor control using artificial neural networks
 •  High efficiency and small power inductors for converter
 •  Magnetic supercapacitors for energy storage applications

Advanced Conventional Powertrains and Alternative Fuels (CP)

 •  Model-based control and optimization of powertrain systems and construction equipment
 •  Direct-injection spray enleanment during deceleration phase

Non-Powertrain Vehicle System (VSP)

•  Next-generation telematics via 5G and low-profile multiband magnetic and 5G telematics antennas

Relevant Research Facilities
Core EV-STS Research  Laboratories

 •  Magnetic Materials and Device Laboratory
 •  Electro-Mechanical Systems Laboratory and Renewable Energy Systems Laboratory
 •  Advanced Control of Energy Systems (ACES) Laboratory
 •  Engines/Vehicles Laboratory
 •  MOdeling, Simulation, And Integrated Controls (MOSAIC) Laboratory
 •  3S (Signals, Sensors, and Security) Laboratory

Supporting Facilities

 •  EcoCAR 3 Vehicle Fabrication Facility
 •  3D Printing (FDM) Laboratory
 •  Central Analytical Facility (CAF)
 •  Micro-Fabrication Facility (MFF)