Overview of the IUCRC Program

Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers (IUCRCs) are funded by the National Science Foundation as collabor­ative efforts among universities, large and small companies, local, state and federal government agencies, and other organizations for the purpose of conducting pre-competitive research of shared value. This model has been successfully utilized and refined for over 40 years. The IUCRC Program’s objectives are to grow the U.S. innovation capacity by developing ong-term partnerships among industry, academe, and government, and to leverage NSF funds with industry to support and train the next generation workforce within a global context. IUCRC homepage: nsf.gov/eng/iip/iucrc

  • The NSF provide the centers’ administrative and operational framework, networking opportunities, additional funding op­portunities, and more.
  • The IUCRC model is built around a cooperatively defined, funded, and shared research portfolio directly supporting industry needs.
  • Members pool their funds together to conduct pre-competitive research.
  • Members meet two times/year and collectively vote to recommend which projects to fund.
  • Members have access to faculty, students, and center resources at all sites.
  • Members have rights to royalty-free, non-exclusive licenses to center-generated intellectual property.

Benefits of Membership for Industry/Government…

  • High-value research projects
  • Investment leveraging
  • Sector networking
  • Learning from industry peers and customers
  • Pre-publication access to research
  • Center researchers and facilities
  • Access to talented students

Benefits of Membership for Academia...

  • New research and education program dimensions
  • Student recruitment
  • Leverage proof-of-concept results for new funding
  • Trusted relationships with industry
  • Ready partners for translation of discoveries
  • Organize industry sector relationships

IUCRC Fast Facts

  • Effective  FY 2016  there are 71 funded centers, 197 do­mestic university sites, 6 international sites, and over 1000 industrial and government memberships.
  • In FY 2015, 2136 students were trained in IUCRC re­search, of whom 729 graduated that year. 22% of these graduates were hired by center members.