Institutional Profile

Established in 1885, Arizona State University is a state supported research university with main campus located in the city of Tempe, part of the Phoenix Metropolitan. The university has four campuses, with recent addition of Thunderbird School of Global Management. All ASU academic programs are fully accredited by the North Central Association Higher Learning Commission. Total enrollment is 69,397 among four campuses, plus 13,750 online students, of whom 15,794 are graduate students (fall semester 2014).

A New American University  Arizona State University has developed a new model for the American Research University, creating an institution that is committed to excellence, access and impact. ASU measures itself by those it includes, not by those it excludes. ASU pursues research that contributes to the public good, and ASU assumes major responsibility for the economic, social and cultural vitality of the communities that surround it.

One of the key missions of ASU is to establish ASU as a global center for interdisciplinary research, discovery and development by 2020. ASU’s R&D expenditures have increased from $163m in 2004, to $405m in 2013.

Thrust  Area Research Interests

Electrified Vehicle Powertrains

 •  Power electronics, including DC-DC converters
 •  Power management, MHz power conversion, plug-in electric vehicles
 •  High performance motor drives
 •  Novel power management and control technologies
 •  Scaled and high frequency inductors and transformers with improved magnetic materials and designs for efficient
     power electronics
 •  Power electronic device and circuits, primarily wide bandgap semiconductor devices such as GaN
 •  Automotive sensors for intelligent sensing and monitoring of power system

Conventional Powertrains

•  Internal combustion engine fuel system electronics and control
•  Energy harvesting, waste energy harvesting and energy storage

Relevant Facilities

Core EV-STS Research Mission

 •  Powertrain Power Electronics Research Lab (Newly Established)
 •  Power Electronics Simulation Lab
 •  Power Electronic Device Fabrication and Testing Lab
 •  Circuit and Wireless Network Research Lab
 •  Center for Solid State Electronics Research (NanoFab) - a NSF NNIN Network
 •  ASU LyRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Science
 •  Alternative Fuels Lab
 •  Robotics and Automation Lab

Supporting Facilities

 •  The Solar Power Lab
 •  ASU Advanced Computing Center (A2C2)
 •  MacroTechnology Works

Broader Impacts Mission

 •  NSF-DOE Engineering Research Center: Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technology (QESST)
 •  Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability